Doodle Army Apk Download

Doodle Army Apk Download: The application which continues to top charts for more than last 3 years finally updated to the latest version. Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia is updated version of the application game which rocked the download charts on Google Play Store worldwide.

There are two versions of this game available for download on the internet, with the availability of standalone installer it’s possible to download and save Mini Militia Doodle Apk now. We’ve all the latest application versions available for download be it Doodle Army Boot Camp or mod apk.

Use of mod apk may result in a problem in connection sometimes but have various benefits like proper weapon strategy with all the tools unlocked while playing the game with friends and other online players.

Warning: Some Doodle Army APK has parsing issues because of which it might not be possible to play the games online which some other apk files have a feature in which it’s impossible to kill the player which is quite bad and make the game unusable.

In the game, “Drill Sergent” will be your host who helps you to guide all through the game. There are many weapons available in this apk file including but not limited to Electromagnetic pulse (EMP), Laser Gun, Flamethrower, Desert Eagle, Magnum, Sniper (M93BA), Machete (Sword), Shot Gun, SMAW (Launcher), SAW Gun (Cutter), Frag (Bomb), Poison Gas, Proxy Mine , Shield, Uzi, MP5, AK47, M4, M14.

In the Doodle Army Mod Apk you will get all the fifteen battle zones (Catacombs, Outpost, High Tower, Bottleneck, No Escape, Sub Division, So Long, Pyramid, Overseer, Suspension, Cliffhanger, Crossfire, Lunarcy, Snow Blind, Ice Box) all the 40 characters with customisable changes would be adaptable in the latest apk file. So download Doodle Army 2 pro pack now and enjoy it through the life.

Best Doodle Army 2 apk available on the internet is free and one can choose to purchase the doodle army pro pack or continue with the existing pro pack using the mod application. Mod application is free to use but if you really like the game then its recommended to purchase it and support developers.

So gear up yourself with whole new experience of Mini Militia with some really existing features of the awesome game.